Newsletter #1: This week we’re discussing Ways You Can Promote The Expo Through Your Business and Your Business Through the Expo!

Newsletter #2: This week we’re discussing what we need from you to maximize all of our marketing efforts for the Home & Garden Expo in February.

Newsletter #3: This week we look at several easy and cost-effective ways you can drive traffic to your booth before the show.

Newsletter #4: This week we will look at 10 Tips To Drive Visitors To Your Expo Booth.

Newsletter #5: This week we are going to try something new…since I have not gotten many pictures or videos from any of the exhibitors, I thought I’d do a quick video on how to send each type of media.

Newsletter #6: This week we were very fortunate to have a local blogger write a great piece on the upcoming event.

Newsletter #7: This week’s newsletter will focus on follow-up. In other words, how to make the most of the contacts that you spent the weekend gathering.